It's My Kids Fault

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Many expecting moms have told me that during pregnancy their teeth began to get cavities. Does pregnancy really make your teeth more prone to decay?

There are several reasons why pregnancy can cause cavities:
1) Vomiting and acid re-flux can lower the pH of your mouth. Bacteria that cause cavities thrive and propagate in this type of environment.
2) Sugar, sugar, sugar. Pregnancy can cause you to crave sweet things and promote snacking. This type of diet can lead to tooth decay.

Does your baby in-utero suck calcium from your teeth?
This is a common myth. According to American Dental Association, the calcium your baby needs is provided by your diet not by your teeth. Make sure you are getting the calcium you need from the foods you eat. Your OBGYN may recommend calcium pills if your blood results show a deficiency.

What can you do?
Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and of course, floss! If you indulge your cravings (my expecting wife loves ice-cream), just rinse your mouth out with water afterwards. Most importantly, keep seeing your dentist for exams and cleanings (see my prior blog post about pregnancy & x-rays:

Next time you visit us at Tenafly Dental Associates, let us know if you’re pregnant so we can guide you on how to best care for your teeth.

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