Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

"Whenever I look at my patient's mouth I imagine it to be the mouth of my wife or my daughter. This is the kind of approach that our office takes."

We believe in being realistic and honest in treating our patients. We work within our patients' desires and goals, never pushing any unnecessary or unwanted work. For any dental concerns that we see in our patients' mouths, we take pictures, educate you, and inform you of treatment options with their valuesAs your professional dental care provider, we pledge to protect you and respect you.   

Many times we get patients coming in for a second opinion where their previous dentist told them they needed a root canal. If there is a chance the tooth can be saved without a root canal, we try it. This is what I would do if it were my tooth.

Conserving tooth structure, minimizing expensive dental work, saving teeth- this is the type of exceptional dentistry we all deserve. There is nothing like our strong natural teeth. There is absolutely no need drill holes in our teeth unless the treatment is needed to prevent a problem or unless there is an apparent problem.

"We are in this world to live just one remarkable life. I want to use my time on this earth to help people through dentistry. Let me help you!" -Dr. Gamzeh


Dental Technician

  • Pressure free environment
  • Open communication
  • Exceptional work
A dentist showing porcelain teeth to patient.

Dentistry you deserve

COVID-19: We are open to all existing and new patients!   Call 201-871-4505

COVID-19: We are open to all existing and new patients!   Call Now!