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Going to the Dentist While Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know

Dental work while pregnant is a concern that many expectant mothers have. Tenafly dentist, Dr. Liron Gamzeh, can attest to this – his wife is pregnant right now! Plus, he has seen his fair share of pregnant women in his Tenafly dental office. The short answer is that dental work while pregnant isn’t just good […]

Is Gum Disease Contagious?

Having little kids at home, I unfortunately had many experiences with contagious diseases. From strep to flu to stomach bugs, my kids got them all and I was lucky enough to catch it from them. What many people do not realize is that Gum Disease is also contagious and you can actually give it your […]

Now Introducing OraVerse

If you don’t like the feeling of being numb after a dental procedure, we now have a solution for you! At Tenafly Dental Associates we are always on the lookout for new technologies and procedures that can benefit our family of patients. We now offer a new technique to reverse numbness faster. You can go […]

The Invisible Enemy – Gum Disease

“Please Daddy, one more book!” Bedtime with my two year old daughter, Nurit, is a constant struggle. Obviously she doesn’t comprehend that sleep is vital to her growth and overall health. There are many things I do as a father she doesn’t like but I do it because I know it’s good for her. The […]

Laughing Gas: Solving Dental Anxiety Since 1772

If you’re very anxious about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone! Research suggests one out of every five Americans possesses the same apprehension. We understand past experiences can leave you fearful. If you avoid going to the dentist as a result of your anxiety, you’re placing yourself at greater risk for gum disease, cavities, and […]

Flouride Toothpaste for Children Under Three

Last night, I was brushing my daughters teeth with a non-flouridated toothpaste. She clearly enjoyed the taste of her “sesame street toothpaste” but I wondered, why no flouride? I remember learning that too much flouride can cause “fluorosis” in young children (Dental fluorosis is a change in the appearance of the tooth’s enamel surface. The […]

Yes, Coffee Might Be Good For Your Teeth

If you have a desire to stain your teeth, consuming multiple cups of coffee a day is a sure way to get you there. That much you likely already know. What you may not know, though, is that drinking coffee in moderation can actually help you protect your teeth, because of coffee’s unique anti-bacterial properties. […]

Seeing Is Believing

Did you get a chance to check out our new toy? We recently invested into a new dental camera that can magnify the surface of your teeth and gums up to 25 times and let you see the inside your mouth in vivid detail. Using this camera, we can easily spot tooth defects and problems […]

Straight Talk About Straight Teeth

If you​’r​e​ an adult with crooked teeth you may have thought about straightening your teeth. People assume that straightening their teeth is just about looking good. What many don’t realize is that ​there ​are numerous benefits to straightening your teeth. Chipped Teeth if your teeth are crooked, this may promote chipping and wear of your […]

Why Going To The Dentist Can Save You Money

I hear many people tell me that going to the dentist is so expensive they stop going altogether. Without insurance, the cost for a checkup (x-rays, cleaning, exam) falls somewhere between 200-300$ around the New Jersey area. If you have dental insurance, this would be free (twice a year). Let’s say you have a cavity, […]

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