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Seeing Is Believing

Did you get a chance to check out our new toy? We recently invested into a new dental camera that can magnify the surface of your teeth and gums up to 25 times and let you see the inside your mouth in vivid detail. Using this camera, we can easily spot tooth defects and problems […]

Straight Talk About Straight Teeth

If you​’r​e​ an adult with crooked teeth you may have thought about straightening your teeth. People assume that straightening their teeth is just about looking good. What many don’t realize is that ​there ​are numerous benefits to straightening your teeth. Chipped Teeth if your teeth are crooked, this may promote chipping and wear of your […]

Why Going To The Dentist Can Save You Money

I hear many people tell me that going to the dentist is so expensive they stop going altogether. Without insurance, the cost for a checkup (x-rays, cleaning, exam) falls somewhere between 200-300$ around the New Jersey area. If you have dental insurance, this would be free (twice a year). Let’s say you have a cavity, […]

What Toothpaste Should I Use?

Colgate, crest, aquafresh, sensodyne etc- there are so many choices, WHICH ONE SHOULD I PICK? I get this question a lot. There are so many brands of toothpaste and it can get confusing. The truth of the matter is all those over-the-counter toothpastes are the same- in terms of protecting your teeth from cavities. Most […]

It’s My Kids Fault

Many expecting moms have told me that during pregnancy their teeth began to get cavities. Does pregnancy really make your teeth more prone to decay? There are several reasons why pregnancy can cause cavities: 1) Vomiting and acid re-flux can lower the pH of your mouth. Bacteria that cause cavities thrive and propagate in this […]

A Manifestation of Stress

Why are so many people stressed out and what does it have to do with teeth? Human beings are more stressed out than ever before. Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are more common these days. Is that really true? Perhaps our grandparents didn’t openly discuss these issues. Maybe they never sought out […]

Wisdom Teeth: Our Surprising Loss to Evolution

Young adults dread getting their wisdom teeth removed. Going to the oral surgeon to get these suckers out has become commonplace in the America culture. But why are wisdom teeth “extra”? THE ANSWER LIES IN EVOLUTION. At one point, our jaws were bigger and had space for wisdom teeth. Want proof? Go to any museum […]

Root Canals Declassified

When someone hears root canal- they automatically think… PAIN.  In truth, root canals get you OUT OF PAIN. What is a root canal? Our teeth are actually alive with nerves and blood supply located in its core. When a cavity gets big and infects the core, the body responds sending pain signals to the brain. […]

Pregnancy and X-rays

Coincidentally, in the past week, I received numerous questions about pregnancy and the safety of dental treatment. Preventative Dental Care According to the American Pregnancy Association, “Preventive dental cleanings and annual exams during pregnancy are not only safe, but are recommended.” Oral infections have been linked to causing premature births. Getting your routine exam & […]

Is That a Crack?

What do you see? Over time, amalgam (“silver”) fillings can expand and cause crack lines to form around teeth. If left ignored, the cracks can propagate and ultimately the tooth can break. Many times, teeth like these don’t cause any discomfort until its too late. At Tenafly Dental Associates, we do a thorough examination and […]

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